Linnea Is Three

Our eldest has turned three years old already on April 28 and I can hardly believe that she isn’t a baby any more, rather a little girl. She’s learning so many new things every week it continues to astonish us. My friend Mel and I went to the Muttart for a quick half hour evening photo session with our daughters. It was a fun time and I really enjoyed getting out of the house to shoot my little girl. Here are some of my favorites of her from our time together.

edit_Linnea_7345.jpg edit_Linnea_7311.jpg edit_Linnea_7278.jpg edit_Linnea_7234.jpg edit_Linnea_7253.jpg edit_Linnea_7267.jpg edit_Linnea_7359.jpg edit_Linnea_7298.jpg edit_Linnea_7305.jpg linnea.jpg edit_Linnea_7353.jpg

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