Baby Alana

Congratulations to Shannon and Allen on the birth of their beautiful third daughter Alana. This little one is worn all the time by her awesome babywearing momma. Shannon is also a fantastic designer and seamstress and has her own company along with another friend named Color Dynamic where you can find cloth diapers, twirly skirts, wraps, and much much more. Alana had a really tough time staying asleep so we didn’t get a chance for many photos that morning. I am happy with what we did get and I hope you enjoy the squishy lips and tiny feet. 



Alana Mozak-6.jpg Alana Mozak-21.jpg Alana Mozak-8.jpg Alana Mozak-29.jpg Alana Mozak-22.jpg Alana Mozak-5.jpg Alana Mozak-13.jpg Alana Mozak-9-2.jpg

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