Rob + Joanne Engaged

I am very excited to share this set of images with you. I really enjoyed capturing Rob & Joanne’s engagement session downtown this past summer on one of our very warm and sunny days. We did some images in the river valley and then made our way up downtown for some more shots. Joanne accidentally stepped in a big muddy area and Rob spent some time cleaning her shoes. This was near the end of the session so we were lucky! I look forward to photographing your wedding Joanne and Rob in October!! 


Rob Joanne Engagement-4.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-31.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-39.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-17.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-9.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-24.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-45.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-55.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-47.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-53.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-57.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-74.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-69.jpg Rob Joanne Engagement-76.jpg 

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