Kelly + Dustin's Wedding

I am catching up on blog posts and am so excited to share Dustin and Kelly’s wedding day with you. 8 weeks ago they were married at the Northern Bear Golf Course outside of Edmonton and the day was fantastic! We experienced high winds to blow Kelly’s long veil, bright sun, a wee bit of rain and dark clouds too. The bridal party was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Enjoy the details, the emotions and the love that was shared on August 28, 2010. Check out Kelly’s gorgeous Kate Spade shoes…I loved them!

Congratulations Kelly and Dustin! 

Much love,


DK Wedding 1.jpg DK Wedding 2.jpg DK Wedding-27.jpg

 The first look!! 

DK Wedding 3.jpg DK Wedding-88.jpg DK Wedding-99.jpg DK Wedding-57.jpg DK Wedding-54.jpg DK Wedding 4.jpg DK Wedding-184.jpg DK Wedding-131.jpg DK Wedding 5.jpg DK Wedding-199.jpg DK Wedding-198.jpg DK Wedding-194.jpg DK Wedding-187.jpg DK Wedding-231.jpg DK Wedding 6.jpg DK Wedding-69.jpg DK Wedding-221.jpg DK Wedding-295.jpg DK Wedding-330.jpg DK Wedding-409.jpg DK Wedding-399.jpg DK Wedding-372.jpg DK Wedding-395.jpg DK Wedding-382.jpg DK Wedding 7.jpg DK Wedding 8.jpg DK Wedding-427.jpg DK Wedding-433.jpg DK Wedding 9.jpg DK Wedding 10.jpg DK Wedding-470.jpg DK Wedding-474.jpg DK Wedding-483.jpg

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