Elvira + Lukas' Wedding Part 1

Well I’ve gotten rather behind in blogging and now it’s time to play catch up. Elvira and Lukas were married on a gorgeous day back in August and I’m pleased to share some of my favorite images from their wedding day below. This post will be divided into two because there are way too many images. :) 

Congratulations once again Lukas and Elvira and I wish you all the best in your marriage together.

Much love,

Here is a detail of Elvira’s wedding gown.

EL Wedding-12.jpg EL Wedding-16.jpg EL Wedding-29.jpg EL Wedding-43.jpg EL Wedding-48.jpg EL Wedding-27.jpg EL Wedding-54.jpg

 Coming around the corner for his first look of his bride!!!

EL Wedding-63.jpg EL Wedding-64.jpg EL Wedding-68.jpg EL Wedding-69.jpg EL Wedding-75.jpg EL Wedding-80.jpg EL Wedding-106.jpg EL Wedding-92.jpg EL Wedding-125.jpg

 Jumping off!

EL Wedding-129.jpg EL Wedding-135.jpg

 This dog came right up out of the water to greet the wedding party… 

EL Wedding-138.jpg

 Lots of water, splashing and laughter followed. 

EL Wedding-140.jpg EL Wedding-152.jpg

 This image makes me think it was taken on a foggy day off the west coast. Love!

EL Wedding-160.jpg EL Wedding-169.jpg EL Wedding-173.jpg EL Wedding-174.jpg

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