Ashley + Glen's Wedding

Before my baby arrives I’m trying to get these last weddings and sessions blogged. Here is a fabulous fall wedding that took place on September 18 this year. Ashley & Glen, an awesome couple, were married and we had an absolutely beautiful fall day for outdoor portraits. Enjoy the fall colours and the story of their wedding day. Ashley & Glen: Congratulations again on your marriage! I was thrilled to be a part of it by capturing all the moments and to spend the day with you and your family and friends. 

Big hugs and love,


AG Wedding-b.jpg AG Wedding-1.jpg AG Wedding-a.jpg AG Wedding-d.jpg AG Wedding-c.jpg AG Wedding-15.jpg AG Wedding-16.jpg AG Wedding-17.jpg AG Wedding-18.jpg AG Wedding-20.jpg AG Wedding-e.jpg AG Wedding-38.jpg AG Wedding-g.jpg AG Wedding-34.jpg AG Wedding-f.jpg AG Wedding-37.jpg AG Wedding-33.jpg AG Wedding-i.jpg AG Wedding-28.jpg AG Wedding-26.jpg AG Wedding-h.jpg AG Wedding-30.jpg AG Wedding-40.jpg AG Wedding-21.jpg AG Wedding-19.jpg AG Wedding-23.jpg AG Wedding-50.jpg AG Wedding-46.jpg AG Wedding-41.jpg AG Wedding-42.jpg AG Wedding-52.jpg AG Wedding-53.jpg AG Wedding-j.jpg AG Wedding-54.jpg AG Wedding-55.jpg AG Wedding-56.jpg AG Wedding-57.jpg AG Wedding-59.jpg AG Wedding-58.jpg AG Wedding-k.jpg AG Wedding-60.jpg AG Wedding-l.jpg AG Wedding-63.jpg AG Wedding-64.jpg

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