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Several months ago Alanna contacted me to let me know she was pregnant with her second child and wanted to make sure I could do her newborn photos. Alanna was due May 4th. On May 2nd she went into labour a couple days early and gave birth to twins in the comfort of her own home with a midwife. I am so very proud of Alanna and her strength. She gave birth to Ezra first, who was the bigger of the two boys born at just over 8 lbs. Gideon arrived shortly after and weighed in at just over 6 lbs. No doppler or ultrasound picked up two babies in the womb so she never knew she was having twins 100% although she admits she suspected it. I met Ezra and Gideon two weeks after they were born on May 16 to take some photos of them and their older sister Mattea who is almost 2 years old and of course take photos of the five of them together as a family. 

Ezra stayed awake the entire session and just refused to sleep. He tends to be hungrier than Gideon being the bigger boy and feisty. Gideon slept almost the entire session and is much calmer in general than Ezra. These boys already show tremendous personality differences!! 

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Mattea again as a toddler and had fun with her by myself when I was photographing her. She’s an adorable girl that speaks very clearly and loves rocks. 

Congratulations Derek and Alanna on the birth of your beautiful baby boys and congratulations Mattea on becoming a big sister!! You are an amazing family and I wish you much patience and energy as you tackle the next several months of taking care of a toddler and twin newborns.

Much love and hugs,


Ezra is on the left and Gideon is on the right.

twins portraits.jpg Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-32.jpg

 Here is the gorgeous little girl, Mattea.

mattea child portrait_.jpg

 I love Ezra’s expression here and he’s holding his brother’s arm as well.

Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-43.jpg dad and twin portraits.jpg

Yes, Ezra - it is time for sleep!!  

Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-36.jpg

 Mom and daughter gorgeousness.

mom and daughter portraits.jpg Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-62.jpg


Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-35.jpg

 At the end of the session the boys finally are both asleep and we took another family photo together.

Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-65.jpg Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-23.jpg

 Gideon - so peaceful. 

Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-17.jpg Giesbrecht Twins + Family Portraits-5.jpg


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