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Little three week old Siena R entered my home today and gave me some amazing faces. She didn’t sleep for us but we got some amazing wide awake images and shots of the family too. She definitely doesn’t like wearing hats and the pink one which her mom bought for her is unfortunately one that she doesn’t enjoy having on. I put on a little black headband I had and she didn’t seem to mind it too much which was a relief. Congratulations Chiarina and Brad on your lovely bundle of sweetness!! I think she’s beautiful and I hope you enjoy my favorites from our session.


Rachel J


Siena Newborn Portraits-31.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-39.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-50.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-26.jpg

I’m so tired mom and dad. All I want to do is sleep!! (which is what we were striving for too, but alas, she didn’t want to miss anything so she was pretty awake for our entire session).

Siena Newborn Portraits-18.jpg

 Looking up at Daddy!

Siena Newborn Portraits-4.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-36.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-9.jpg Siena Newborn Portraits-2.jpg

 I just LOVE this face!

Siena Newborn Portraits-28.jpg

 Seriously mom - I told you I don’t like this hat!! Why do you make me wear it?!?!?!

Siena Newborn Portraits-27.jpg

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