One Strong Mom-to-be | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

I met Shelley at the Panther Gym several years ago. She was one of those women you looked up to and were inspired by because she was so athletic and strong. I have enjoyed getting to know her. In two weeks she will be welcoming twin babies and today I had the privilege of photographing her maternity session. 

Before you scroll down to see the images I want you to know this is not an ordinary session. Because exercise & personal training is a huge part of her life I wanted to document Shelley’s strength during her pregnancy. Her twins are about 6lbs each now and she is still doing push-ups and can even jump! She has remained incredibly fit and strong her entire pregnancy and looks fantastic.

I am looking forward to photographing your twin babies and your family together in April.

Big hugs,


Above Shelley is doing some awesome push-ups and Batman came by for a kiss! Below, Shelley is doing squats with her 45 lbs bar.

Lovely shoulders I must say!

Cardio and core workout training …

Linnea came to the shoot with me today and she is seen here “helping” Shelley pull the rope. 

Shelley is one hot mama!

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