Welcome Arlo Mills - Newborn Session!

My friend Lara and I met during the Shared Care Maternity program in Stony Plain. We instantly became friends and had a lot of common. Lara had Harris a week before my daughter was born and now she just had her second son, named Arlo Walter! He was born over 9lbs and is a beauty. 

Congratulations Carson, Lara and Harris on the new addition to your beautiful family!

Love you guys,


Here is Daddy and Harris playing piano together. 

Arlo was wide awake when I arrived so I was able to get some photos of him with his eyes open. 

His mouth is so precious!

Harris turning up the volume on the record player. I got to witness some sweet dancing after this!

Harris and his guitar. 

Arlo is wrapped in a blanket made by an auntie. :)

Sleeping peacefully…

Lots of pics of Mom and Arlo. Lara is a gorgeous mom and I just love her hair cut!

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