Siena's Baby Baptism

Baby Siena is growing up so fast. You can see her newborn photos here. I was invited to capture this special day of Siena’s: her baby baptism at St. Joseph’s Basilica downtown Edmonton. I started with her “getting ready” photos and there we took family photos and details of her beautiful french lace dress, shoes, headband. She received some beautiful gifts and it was such a special celebration to be a part of. Here are some photos documenting the day.

Below is Grandma and Mom getting things started! She needs a clean diaper. :)

Siena's Baby Baptism-1.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-14.jpg

 Kisses from daddy (Brad)! 

Siena's Baby Baptism-16.jpg

 Holding Mom’s (Chiarina) hands…so sweet.

Siena's Baby Baptism-23.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-20.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-27.jpg

 Mom and daughter.

Siena's Baby Baptism-35.jpg

 Godparent Sandy and Siena. 

Siena's Baby Baptism-45.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-56.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-97.jpg Siena's Baby Baptism-73.jpg


Siena's Baby Baptism-75.jpg

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