Linnea, Buddy, Random...

Well, I’ve been bugged for a long time to post some recent photos of my 2 year old daughter. To be honest I have hardly taken any photographs of her in the last 4-5 months because I’ve been so busy photographing my clients! Here are some recent snaps - most of them from just this morning. 

Below is Linnea near the beginning of July coming around the corner down our hallway…next to her is our dog Buddy.


 Linnea’s first braid - done by my intern Janine!


 Jeff made me a special drink yesterday evening to enjoy on the patio after I put Linnea down for bed (since I can’t have alcohol at the moment). Sparkling water, fresh local raspberries and thyme…

_MG_5324.jpg _MG_5329.jpg

During the second week of July we went to Sylvan Lake as I was shooting a wedding in Eckville. Here is an image I took one evening at sunset.


 The rest of these images are all of Linnea from this morning…Here she is holding Leroy, her musical octupus, from her “auntie” Angela!

_MG_5385.jpg _MG_5380.jpg _MG_5377.jpg

 Here she is dancing with Emma…you can’t hear it but we’re listening to some music in the background. She loves to dance and jump!

_MG_5370.jpg _MG_5367.jpg _MG_5361.jpg _MG_5356.jpg

Jeff made Linnea a special breakfast of fresh market berries including blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and saskatoons with yogurt followed by some yummy scrambled eggs. This is her face after the first bite!


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