Melony + Paul's Wedding

On a very warm and sunny day, Mel and Paul were married at the Devonian Gardens, July 3rd. We had a really fun day together and even had a chance to go to O’Byrnes for a drink before heading to the reception after portraits were taken at the Devonian Gardens. We had a delicious Ukrainian meal and I got to sit the some great people at the reception. Melony is from Australia and her aunt and uncle sat with me and I learned that the Koala is just “koala” not koala bear. I also learned the difference between an alligator and crocodile! ;) In any case we had a great day together and here are some of my favorite images from their day. 

Congratulations Melony and Paul on your marriage! 



MP Wedding-9.jpg MP Wedding-27.jpg MP Wedding-154.jpg MP Wedding-163.jpg MP Wedding-255.jpg MP Wedding-161.jpg MP Wedding-236.jpg MP Wedding-228.jpg MP Wedding-213.jpg MP Wedding-256.jpg MP Wedding-278.jpg MP Wedding-289.jpg MP Wedding-304.jpg MP Wedding-313.jpg MP Wedding-327.jpg MP Wedding-336.jpg MP Wedding-390.jpg MP Wedding-398.jpg MP Wedding-417.jpg MP Wedding-418.jpg 

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