Finalist for the PPOC's Alberta Portrait Photographer of the Year

What a shock today was…I always sit nervously viewing everyone’s prints during the judging and today I was personally awarded 1 Merit print and 3 Accepted prints into the print salon. I have been a Professional Photographers of Canada member since 2003 and typically enter fine art, pictoral and architecture images into the salons, but this year decided to enter some portraits and one fine art image. Because all 4 of my entered prints were accepted into the print salon I am up for the 2010 Portrait Photographer of the Year Award in Alberta + Saskatchewan. This year the competition is strong and there are a total of 4 of us!! 

I know you’re probably curious as to what I entered so here they are!! I hope you like them. :)  

Below is the print that scored Merit and brought a LOT of discussion. It also got called back for more discussion…I loved John Beesley today for fighting for a higher score on the print. :) 

THE TRYST (for those of you who don’t know what Tryst is - it’s a secret meeting place)

The Tryst.jpg

The image below holds special meaning for me photographed the week my grandfather passed away. 


Standing Out of the Crowd.jpg

 The below image was photographed at Perry & Sandra’s wedding in Kivik, Sweden in May of 2009. The church is a 12th century monastery and all the guests had rice that they were throwing at the newlyweds as they excited the church after the wedding ceremony.


Raining Blessings.jpg

The wedding below was one of my favorite weddings of the year that I photographed. This was the last image scored today late in the afternoon. After I found out the print was accepted, I jumped up with a huge smile on my face and ran to hug my friends at the back door and out I went. I was so happy, shocked and I guess I was squealing and crying all at once with another nominee out in the hallway at NAIT. Ummm…I am 32 years old now as today is my birthday. Having four prints hang in the salon is a splendid birthday present and nominated for Portrait Photographer of Year for 2010 is even better. How crazy is this?!? Some people I’ve talked to aren’t surprised, but honestly, I never thought this would happen! I also want to shout out and give a special thanks to my friend Lane Collison from Sydney Rae Photography who took some time to work on some of these prints with me.


Queen For A Day.jpg

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