Ruby + Arun Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Ruby and Arun were married in July and it was a pleasure to photograph a wedding ceremony with traditions I’ve never personally witnessed before. Each part of the ceremony was described in English which was nice and I learned that there is a lot of symbolism throughout the ceremony. It was an honour to capture their Hindu wedding ceremony. It was followed by a lovely South Indian lunch outside the temple. Congratulations Ruby & Arun on your wedding! Soon I will also post their Christian wedding day as well.


RA Hindu Ceremony-9.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-94.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-158.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-13.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-178.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-254.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-415.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-431.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-581.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-738.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-885.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-960.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-990.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-997.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-1059.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-1061.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-1066.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-1484.jpg RA Hindu Ceremony-1560.jpg

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