Brad + Shannon's Wedding in Eckville

I am so excited to share this set of images from Brad and Shannon’s wedding. I photographed their rehearsal the evening before and met them all. This was my first time meeting Brad and Shannon and their friends and family in person because they live in California. The day of the wedding was rainy all day but this ended up being a good thing. We had some lovely light and to our relief it only rained lightly during most of the portrait session…I had an adventurous day as well. When we arrived at this awesome field where there is this old and abandoned barn I stepped on a rusty nail that went through my shoe into my foot. It’s all healed up now and I am left with a permanent reminder of their wedding. :) Luckily one of the bridesmaids had a band aid in her truck for the rest of the session. Now what you’ve all been waiting for…the wedding images!

Here are Shannon’s comfy shoes!

SB Wedding-61.jpg

 And the beautiful cage! I LOVE this cage on Shannon. So beautiful and goes perfectly with her dress. 

SB Wedding-74.jpg

 The flower girl dropping petals as she comes down the aisle.

SB Wedding-145.jpg

 Brad watching Shannon as she comes down the aisle. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

SB Wedding-154.jpg

 Coolest fence ever! 

SB Wedding-241.jpg

SB Wedding-281.jpg

SB Wedding-247.jpg

SB Wedding-262.jpg

 Here’s the barn I was talking about and the bridal party.

SB Wedding-316.jpg

SB Wedding-333.jpg

SB Wedding-347.jpg

SB Wedding-338.jpg

SB Wedding-455.jpg

SB Wedding-508.jpg

SB Wedding-501.jpg

 I seriously just love this dress. It has pockets!

SB Wedding-493.jpg

SB Wedding-385.jpg

SB Wedding-417.jpg

SB Wedding-414.jpg

SB Wedding-444.jpg

SB Wedding-497.jpg

Shannon’s brother works with this equipment and they went up really high for some cool photos! And then I went up and took photos of all the guests and the reception/ceremony tent and entire yard. It was scary but exhilarating too! I’m not a fan of heights.

SB Wedding-582.jpg

 The reception tent. Purple and green go really well together.

SB Wedding-104.jpg

SB Wedding-652.jpg

Congratulations Brad and Shannon and I wish you all the happiness in your marriage! Continue to laugh and love like you do.



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