Ryan + Joelle's Wedding

It was an honour to capture Ryan and Jolene’s wedding on December 20th of this year. Not only was it my last wedding to photograph this year, it was also a surprise wedding for almost everyone in attendance including their grandparents! They planned their wedding day disguised as a Christmas Party at their parents home and there were around eighty people who came out to celebrate with them. There were even a couple guests who walked in the home during the ceremony (thinking it was a party). :) After the wedding ceremony the couple and their small bridal party went with me downtown Edmonton to take some photos at the Leg grounds where they had some special memories and then to Whyte Ave. We then joined the family and guests at the Radisson for dinner and a lovely reception. Here are some images from their special day I’m excited to share with you. I almost forgot to mention that I photographed Joelle’s twin sisters wedding exactly 3 months earlier. So awesome! Congratulations Ryan and Joelle!!

Blessings to you both,


RJ Wedding23.jpg RJ Wedding22.jpg RJ Wedding21.jpg RJ Wedding20.jpg RJ Wedding19.jpg RJ Wedding18.jpg RJ Wedding17.jpg RJ Wedding16.jpg RJ Wedding15.jpg RJ Wedding14.jpg RJ Wedding13.jpg RJ Wedding12.jpg RJ Wedding11.jpg RJ Wedding10.jpg RJ Wedding09.jpg RJ Wedding08.jpg RJ Wedding07.jpg RJ Wedding06.jpg RJ Wedding05.jpg RJ Wedding04.jpg RJ Wedding03.jpg RJ Wedding02.jpg

Sisters before the wedding ceremony…RJ Wedding01.jpg

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